Ways to Make Money on the Internet

By | February 19, 2020

10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

1. Start a website or a blog

Start a website or a blog and earn revenue using advertising networks like Google AdSense or any other network. It is possible to sell your own ads directly through Google DFP.

2. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

For earning from YouTube you need to create your own YouTube channel and become a YouTube partner to monetize your videos. You can distribute the same video to multiple video sites.

3. Sell Online Product

Create creative thing – like watches, handbags, painting, craft items, baby toys and sell them on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

4. Create Your Own Online Store

You can sell both physical goods and digital downloads using an online store with Shopify or Squarespace. You can sell everything from furniture to clothes to food.

5. Write Book and Sell Them

Write a book on your expertize area and publish it on the Kindle store, Google Play, and iBooks. You can also sell your ebook to other retailers through services.

6. Sell You Software Source Code

Write browser extensions, scripts, mobile apps for iOS and Android or plugins and sell the source code of your software on Chupa or BinPress or CodeCanyon.

7. Sell Your Music

Make your own music and sell them on music store like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify through DistroKid or Pandora, Tunecore, loudr.fm, and CDBaby. It is possible to sell your music directly to the marketplace like Pond5, AudioJungle, and Bandcamp.

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