This Week in Social Media Trending Digital News

This Week in Social Media Trending Digital News

Switching Instagram account, Facebook’s private comment replies and adds #RIPtwitter

The Facebook-Instagram Zuckerberg Colossus and its main opponent in February have started destructively for social media viewing. The former has added serious functionality to their mobile apps and the web interface, but the latter people were considered to be the # 1 trending topic on their own website. Many twitters never had a friendly forum, for their efforts, their users have often asked for annoying 140 character-filled barbarous and profane-written digits, but #RIPtwitter is simply cool.

The Super Bowl was a snooze-fest that promoted advertisements on the unmanned publicity of social media, and the winning patent manning gave Budweiser (really?) The most uncomfortable public voice of the year. They would move the army of Clyde Sedes with the bow on the hill.

In short, let’s go ahead with more fun news from the vast world of social media.

Social Media Trending

  1. Instagram allows users to switch between multiple accounts on their mobile app

The time has come for a long time. Accurately nowadays, one of the most popular organic social media marketing platforms, Instagram has a significant API fault that has frustrated the energy users and digital marketing professionals for many years. To switch between multiple accounts in the past, you can go to your profile settings and log out completely before you log in with another profile.

It was not a big setback for Facebook and Twitter since many years ago, you will miss all real-time notifications for unlicensed accounts without logging in. This program was fast, but our day has come! Unveiled in Instagram’s latest blog post and on the next announcement on their social media account, it shows the simplicity and efficiency of the new account switching feature:

1 – On your Instagram profile, click “Settings”

2 – Click on add account at the bottom of the settings.

3 – Enter the login information for your other profile

Done! Tap the new profile picture button at the bottom right of the app to easily switch between accounts.

2 – Facebook adds all private message replies within public comments on business pages

There is a beautiful feature for this Facebook Business Pages, in the absence of a reshaping moment like switching accounts on Instagram. So far, all users’ comments have been publicly displayed on the brand’s page to see the entire digital world. If the comment is objectionable or added to sensitive responses, the Page Manager will still be forced to respond publicly. This has resulted in a lot of change with previous goon-users, which have often caused significant damage to the brand’s reputation, whether warrants have been made or not.

To fix this problem for business pages, Facebook had a fine prerequisite and they made it very beautiful. Page managers can respond publicly to comments like this, but they can also send private messages to the user according to their discretion. When a comment requires a private response, the brand can click on the “message” below the post and the live chat session will be opened. This upcoming conversation will include a quick reference and a link to the comment for convenient ease of use.

Okay, Facebook.

3) Twitter is the worst week in the history of social media

We do not want to rub salt in the wound because their users have already seen it but at this time there is no good on Twitter. #RIPtwitter Trending hashtag has worked hard for the company last week, but it is difficult to ignore the brutal tension of the news we saw in that era.

This week’s Twitter tour had started on Sunday. CEO Jack Dorsey announced by the tweet that many high office bearers (including their products head and medium) were jumping and they “chose” to leave their place along with “company”. During this major shake, Twitter posted poor earnings in Wednesday’s quarterly report and later closed at the end of the week and the stock dropped 5% to $ 14.73. Finally, after the announcement of major changes to Twitter’s timeline and interface, a large number of users were back in the background.

We want to forget all the weeks we have and one for these books. However, when this happens, we will trust #ReutersViewers, because the social media network is still a digital giant with a diverse and active user base.

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